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Information About Payment Methods

45th Parallel Internet Services has many different ways to pay for products and accounts. Most of them are well known, but other methods are not advertised or discussed much. It is the intent of this document to describe each payment method and how to use them.
  1. Paypal and Paypal Credit
    Two Easy Ways to Pay
    PayPal, a leader in online payments with over 193+ million accounts worldwide, is a fast, safe way to pay and get paid online. You can send a payment to anyone that has an email address to include foreign countries. Paypal charges no fees to send a payment. You can fund your payment using a bank checking account, bank savings account, or credit cards. 45th Parallel Internet Services does pay a per transaction fee for each payment received which we do not (at this time and no plans to do so), pass on to our customers even though the fees reduce the amount we receive for our products and services. Our prices are not marked up to make up for any fees we are charged by Paypal. Note that Paypal protects your privacy and will not disclose your credit card or bank account numbers to us, nor will we know if you use the Paypal Credit method. All we will know is that you used Paypal to make your payment.

    We have multiple ways for you to pay by Paypal, all of which are either available on our order pages (or invoices) or available on the Paypal website. Regardless of the Paypal method you use, once payment is completed, Paypal will send you email confirmation and 45th Parallel Internet Services will send you a PAID invoice via email. Each option below is shown separately (except Paypal Credit) on the order form:

    • Paypal Billing. This method works just like a credit card. No matter when you place an order or which product/service you purchase, your payment will automatically be processed by Paypal using the credit card or bank account you have configured Paypal to use. After you use this method for the first time, it will become your default payment method for all future orders/invoices. NOTE: You must have a Paypal account to use this payment method but you will not have to log into Paypal to complete transactions using this method.

    • Paypal Credit. This method is setup via your Paypal account (requires application and credit approval by Paypal) and allows you to make six monthly payments for any order with a payment due of $99.00 or more without incurring interest charges. If payment is not made in full by the end of the six month period, Paypal will charge you interest from the date of the original order and again until the order is paid in full. This method of payment is processed entirely on the Paypal website and, as stated above, we will not be privy to how you made the payment; all we will know is that it was processed by Paypal. NOTE: This payment method will not be displayed on 45th Parallel Internet Services' order forms.

    • Paypal Express. This method will take you to our standard Paypal checkout page to complete your order. You need not have a Paypal account to use this method. Once your order is completed, you will be redirected to our Thank You page to let you know we appreciate the order.

    • Paypal Standard. Using this method, you are taken to the Paypal website to complete your payment and then returned to our website.

    • Paypal Subscription. This method signs you up for automatic payment from your Paypal account for the order you just processed. On the anniversary of your order, Paypal will automatically deduct the amount necessary for renewal of the ordered product or service. Note that this method is only for the product ordered; if you order another product later or separately, you will have to either use another method of payment or setup a second subscription for the new order.

  2. Credit Cards
    This is nothing more than a standard credit card payment. In the past, the processing of credit card payments was not live; that is, the payments were processed the same as if you called your information into 45th Parallel Internet Services (which you may still do if so desired). The entire process took approximately 2-3 business days to complete and you were notified by 45th Parallel Internet Services both when we initially processed the payment and when the payment was completed.

    This is no longer the case. As of now, credit card processing is live just like on Amazon.com, Walmart.com or any other online retailer. None of your credit card information is stored on our servers. Instead, your credit card is given a special unique token that only the credit card processor we use can interpret. There is no chance that your card number can be obtained from our server if we are ever hacked (which we sincerely hope never happens). Just as with the Paypal payments above, we do not pass on any fees charged by our credit card processor to our customers.

    In addition, we can set up recurring payments similar to a Paypal Subscription described above. On the anniversary of your order, your credit card will automatically be debited for the renewal of the product. If you desire this feature, just let our Billing Department (see the last paragraph below) know and we will send you a short form via email for you to verify the authorization. This is required by our credit card processor. Complete the form, sign it and send it back to us via email and that is all it takes. You may cancel your authorization at any time; just open a ticket with our Billing Department (see the last paragraph below) requesting cancellation and we'll handle it from there.

    If you cancel your order and it is one of the products we can refund (see our Terms of Service for details), we will credit the credit card you used to pay for the product order or invoice.

  3. Mail-In Payment
    We accept payment via personal, business or certified check as well as USPS or bank money order. Check payments are not credited to an account until the check clears our bank (new customers only). Money Orders have been around for a long time, long before any other payment method except check payment. Both US Postal Service (USPS) and bank money orders are acceptable. All such check/money order payments must be mailed to our mailing address as stated in the invoice.

  4. Pre-Funded Account
    Using this method of payment, you actually are prepaying for your account. You can deposit any total amount between $10.00 USD and $999.00 USD. Once you have funded your account, you will no longer receive invoices for recurring amounts due. Instead, the invoice is paid by use of the funds in your account and you are sent an email confirming the payment along with a copy of the paid invoice. You can fund your account using either Paypal, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) or Mail-In Payment. This saves you the hassle of dealing with invoices and payments. Funds in your account can also be used for one time orders.

    Note 1: Only customers who have at least one product already ordered and activated can add funds to a pre-funded account. This is a security measure as all first orders for products trigger a fraud check before approval. Subsequent orders are not subject to the fraud check (the first ordered product already passed the fraud check so there is no need to repeat it for subsequent orders for the same customer).

    Note 2: Funds deposited to a customer's pre-funded account may only be used for purchases and renewals of your products and are not refundable unless there is a pre-funded account balance when a customer's user account and associated products are being terminated by 45th Parallel Internet Services or the customer. All such refunds will be sent to the customer's email address of record via Paypal (the customer is not required to have a Paypal account to get such refunds).

    Here is how to fund a pre-funded account:

    1. Log into your customer Client Portal account (you will be asked for your login username and password).

    2. Once logged into your account, click on Billing in the top menu bar and then click on the Add Funds link in the drop-down menu.

    3. In the Amount to Add: box, enter the amount you want to fund (between $10.00 and $999.99).

    4. Select the Payment Method from the drop down menu.

    5. Click on the Add Funds button.

    6. You will be presented with an invoice for the amount you want to fund. Print out the invoice for your records or click the Download button at the bottom of the screen to get the invoice in PDF format which you can print out or store on your local computer for your records. Alternatively, you can wait for the system to send you the invoice via email. Regardless, use the << Back to Client Area link at the bottom of the screen to return to the main screen.

    7. At the bottom of the Client Area screen, your new invoice will be listed with a checkbox to its left. Put a check mark in the box to the left of the new invoice and click the Pay Selected link. The invoice will be displayed and, in the upper-right corner of the invoice, the method of payment is displayed. You can use the drop-down menu to change the method of payment if desired. Depending on which method of payment you select, you will see one of the following:

      1. A PayPal button for each of the Paypal methods described above (except for Paypal Credit which is handled by settings in your Paypal account).

      2. Instructions on where to send your Mail-In Payment

      3. A Pay Now button for Credit Card payment

    In order for the payment to process, your pre-funded account balance must equal (exactly) or be higher than the amount of the payment due specified in the invoice. If not, the payment will fail and you will have to add funds to your pre-funded account to cover the full amount of the invoice payment due (or you can choose to use one of the other payment methods shown above) using the instructions in the Here is how to fund a pre-funded account section above. You will then have to manually process the invoice payment since the automated payment process only occurs at the time the invoice is created. You will still receive copies of invoices via email but you will not need to pay them (they will be shown as paid). You can even use the funded account balance to manually pay any invoice created before you funded your account (or 45th Parallel Internet Services can do it for you if requested). The balance of your funded account is always available to view in your Client Portal account and it is best to view it before ordering a new product or service.
If you have any additional questions about our payment methods, please open a ticket with our Billing Department (you must be registered with the Client Portal to make contact with the Billing Department).

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