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Free Domain Name Policy

This policy applies to all new web site accounts opened on or after the effective date specified above. All free domains allowed under previous policies will remain in effect until the associated account is closed or the domain is not renewed.

When you open your 45th Parallel Internet Services' account (see below for account types), you are entitled to 1 free domain name to use for the life of your account. This policy applies ONLY to the following account levels, prepaid for a period of 1 to 3 years:

  • Unlimited Email Hosting accounts
  • Web Hosting accounts. (OSU-1000 through OSU-10000)
  • KVM Virtual Private Server (VPS) accounts.
  • Dedicated Server accounts.
The following requirements must be met to be eligible for a free domain name:
  • The domain must be for one of the following top level domains (TLDs): .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org, .us. It is recommended that you check back occassionally as TLDs may be added or deleted at any time.

  • The domain name must be registered or transferred through the 45th Parallel Internet Services' Domain Management System.

  • All new domain registrations and renewals will be for a period of one year. All transfers from another domain registrar will have an additional year of registration added to the current expiration date of the domain. If the adding of one year exceeds the 10-year maximum registration period, the additional year will be added as soon as the total registration period no longer exceeds 10 years.

  • As long as the domain name is used with the 45th Parallel Internet Services' account and remains registered with 45th Parallel Internet Services' registrar, the domain will be renewed automatically each year on or before the expiration date. If the domain expiration date and the due date of the web account are the same date, the domain renewal will show on the invoice for the web account renewal. Otherwise, a separate $0.00 invoice may be generated and will be sent via email for informational purposes only.
This policy applies to only one domain name per account. This should not be confused with the number of domains available for each account. For example, all 45th Parallel Internet Services' hosting accounts are entitled to have unlimited domain names. Under this policy, one of the domains (your choice of one of the TLDs listed above) is free of registration, transfer, or renewal fees as long as it meets the qualifying requirements stated above. The owner must pay the registration, transfer, or renewal fees for any additional domain used with the account.

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